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Eager anticipation

Expectation management

A formal process to continuously capture, document, and maintain the content, dependencies, and sureness of the expectations for persons participating in an interaction, and to apply the information to make the interaction successful.

Expectation objective

The objective for an interaction that is under expectation management. For example, the interaction might be an important meeting whose objective is to convince a CEO to release a project budget. The meeting objective is also the expectation objective, which can be used to capture corresponding expectations.

Expectation domain

A set of participants sharing a common expectation objective for the interaction under expectation management.

Expectation model

A complete description of expectations for a system that are held by interacting persons at a given time.

Expectation manager

A role that performs expectation management.

Expectation subject

A person whose expectations are under management.

Expectation object

A person or non-living object that is the focus of a subject's expectations.

Expectation result

An element in another model that traces to an expectation in the expectation model.

Sureness factor (SF)

A real number (>=0, <=1) denoting the level of sureness in an expectation or expectation result, 1 being the maximum.1

The following four definitions relate to the scope and clarity of expectations:

External expectation

An expectation that relates to an object outside the expectation domain.

Internal expectation

An expectation that relates to an object inside the expectation domain.

Stated expectation

An expectation a subject has expressed regarding an object.

Perceived expectation

An expectation perceived to be held by a subject.

Example: Creating an expectation model with IBM Rational RequisitePro

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